Latvian Hydrogen Association

Association was developed on 2005 to help development of Hydrogen economics in Latvia, when using only local natural resources and hydrogen as energy carrier to provide energetics, transportation and manufacturing industries with the least
negative effect to nature, and to support environment friendly energy source for production and consumption.


Latvian Hydrogen Associations mission is to unite scientist and businessman societies, who work with technologies and materials while exploring renewable resources and their potential, to solve questions that hold importance to society as whole.

Main targets of Latvian Hydrogen Association

  • Accelerate scientific and technological progress in Hydrogen technologies and research of them In Latvian scientific work, integration in education, and realizing it as economic bridge between Latvia and Europe.
  • To promote the introduction hydrogen technologies, and their usage because of the reduced impact on surrounding environment, and support ways of environment friendly energy resource consumption and development.
  • To combine research facilities, government facilities and hydrogen technology developers in combined projects, taking part in international projects, representation of their members in exhibitions in conferences and congress, and to help young specialist educating in hydrogen technology and related topics.

Latvian Hydrogen Association tasks

  • To promote Hydrogen technology and Latvian Hydrogen association member recognition on Latvian and European scale and to provide connection with other similar organizations in Europe.
  • To promote Latvian Hydrogen associations member recognition, offered services and technology sales at Latvian and European scale, including exploration of new markets and new technology development and creation of new businesses.
  • To support studies of renewable energy source technology and materials, combining usable nature resources (biomass, bio gas, hydrogen, wind, sun, water).
  • To strengthen knowledge and practical experience transfer between science and business and to strengthening the technological capacity of enterprises and research institutions, practical experience and knowledge of business needs.
  • Publicly express their views about current questions of hydrogen technology demonstration project realization Latvian economy.
  • Promote the formation of a new initiative of membership to local and European Union scale research projects and realize activities, in a way that stimulate reaching targets of the  Latvian Hydrogen association.
  • Provide society and interested sides with education of development and usage of hydrogen technologies as well as possibility of development of new technologies and studies of their tendencies.
  • Promote the energy industry specialist professional growth and encourage cooperation between hydrogen technology holders,  industry manufacturers and educational institutions, also to promote  education possibilities and their improvement as well as young specialist preparation for development hydrogen technology and connected areas, get involved in professional educational and qualified employees after education program improvement.
  • Promote acceleration of investment flows of hydrogen technology.

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