“Circular Economy” in waste management in Riga and Tartu (CERITA)

– Objective: to transform waste management practices through a “circular economy” approach, to analyse waste composition, energy consumption and to assess the potential for renewable energy production at waste management facilities in Riga and Tartu. At the same time, the project also aims to raise public awareness and education on the circular economy and sustainable waste management practices, as well as to promote cross-border cooperation between the participating countries.

  • Project duration – 1 year
  • Project partners: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and the Netherlands, including Hydrogen Architects BV (HYARCH), Getlini EKO Ltd (GETLINI), Ekotikslai UAB, Latvian Hydrogen Association (H2LV), ERNST&YOUNG BALTIC Ltd (E&Y) and the City of Tartu
  • Total project budget – €1 477 777
  • Source of funding – EU European Regional Development Fund programme.

The year-long project will analyse waste composition, energy consumption and solutions, including the use of hydrogen and its derivatives, to improve the efficiency of waste management and reduce climate impacts. The identified solutions will be subject to a business model analysis and an investment plan. The project has the potential to have a significant impact on waste management practices in the region and beyond.